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Shamblin Sound has been serving the south for over 35 years and three studio locations.

CD Mastering

• CD Audio Mastering - Got tracks? Shamblin Sound can master your stereo recordings so that they sound much louder and fuller and properly balanced on equalization. All major label recordings employ CD Audio Mastering before CD's are released, and for good reason: Un-mastered music is the last to be played by radio stations due to major discrepancies in volume, equalization, and distortion. Shamblin Sound was picked over Nashville and L.A. mastering facilities by a Grammy-Award winning Gold and Platinum Record producer in Nashville, who preferred the CD Audio Mastering we did over the competition, based on a quality-bid. This same CD Audio Mastering service is available to you direct via the internet, with Online CD Audio Mastering from Shamblin Sound. And at great prices too! And if you aren't satisfied with the mix you have, and you have the multi-track masters, we can mix, tune, and master your songs simultaneously for the ultimate in sonic perfection. Contact Shamblin Sound today for a free sample of what our CD Audio Mastering can do for your project! (Note: Duplication facilites transfer your master stereo recording over onto their equipment and also refer to it as "mastering," but this process alone does not enhance the sound at all).

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